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Sunday, June 5, 2011

What makes or kills a book?

I think a lot of things help to determine the outcome of our books. One of the things I have noticed that matters first hand is the cover. Let’s face it, if you have the best book in the world it will matter zero if your cover is shit. I changed the cover of The Vampire’s Salvation at least three times before I got it right. Finally after finding the right cover, I decided it was good. So next is the story. However how will people know about the story if the product description sucks? I had to go back in and rewrite my description. I think it tells more about the story, and the journey of my character. Finally after all is said and done. I hope the interior of the book sounds and looks good. I have been lucky because The Vampire’s Salvation has sold more in the first three months than some self published authors sell in an entire year. SO, I hope the product description is uploaded soon. I changed it today, and if we are lucky it will be posted tomorrow. If you can’t wait until tomorrow, here is a look at the new product description .
Fifteen years ago a deal was struck between two worlds. Now the outcome of that deal a vampire halfling named Alexis struggles to find her place in the world. As she franticly tries to find out details about her birth mother she finds herself emerged in the middle of a war between the vampires and elves. However, that is just the beginning of her problems. Now she must find a way to hide from the vampire hating clerics who have placed a spy within her walls of protection. With the help of a sister named Leah and the vampires she will learn what family means, and how to save a race from doom.

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