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Thursday, June 9, 2011

U.S. Economy At 'Risk' Of Falling Into Double-Dip Recession: Shiller

They should make some of those big banks secure a small percentage of loans for people to start new businesses­. Since the people were the ones to bail them out, they should be required to give back to the economy in a way that helps more than the rich. They could call it a small business secured loan, where only a certain group could qualify for it. I know they have incitives for programs that are like this, but they need to insure the people are able to use the programs. The banks shouldn’t be left unchalleng­ed. If the banks made billions off the people they could set aside something like Bp in order to enhance the economy. I don’t understand why we can make sure that Bp has to pay back for hurting so many with the oil spill but we don’t force the banks to give anything back.. We need to get away from catering to corporate machines that are nothing more than succubus.
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