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Friday, June 17, 2011

I've started writing a new book. I don't have a name for it yet.

Chapter one
It was twelve minutes past midnight when Toni started looking for her friends. She could already imagine her mother and father’s voice as she walked into the door. As she went door to door knocking to see if anyone had seen the uncanny twins, she noticed a small flicker from the window. It was late, and if it got any later she was going to be grounded until she turned twenty one. Her phone couldn’t get any signal, and everyone she asked  either forgot their phones or their phones were dead .
            “ Todd, can you tell Torie and Lorie I had an emergency? I have to get going before my parents send the cops out looking for me.” Toni said, as she looked out the window once again.
            “ I think I’m in the same boat as you Toni, I think it’s time for me to head out too. I keep seeing lighting flash across the sky , and the last thing I want is to get rained on. We can walk home together if you want. After all we do live down the same street.” Todd said, as he grabbed another can of soda for the road.
As Toni went to grab for the door, she could hear noises from somewhere. However, she couldn’t understand their meanings. Perhaps it was her imagination she thought as she closed her eyes and counted to ten. She had watched too many episodes of Spooky Zone, and now her mind was playing tricks on her she told herself as she looked over towards Todd.
            “ It’s really dark out here. I can’t see the moon. Normally the moon is never this hidden. You can at least see a crescent  on most dark nights.” Todd said , as continued looking in the sky for any traces of the moon.
Toni didn’t want to admit it, but she was starting to get a little freaked out too. Not only was it pitch dark, but she could still hear strange sounds coming from somewhere. No matter how hard she tried to block them out, they continued to come louder. Then from out of nowhere she heard the word listen. It stopped her in her tracks.
            “ You must find dark structure now, and hide.” The voice said, in an odd accent.
Toni thought she was going crazy as soon as the shock went away she ran up to Todd. Perhaps, she was going crazy she silently told herself. All of those late nights of video game playing was finally starting to catch up with her she franticly thought. As she continued trying to diagnose her syndrome, they noticed a large cylinder shaped light coming to the ground. 
            “ Wow, that’s cool.” Todd said, as he continued on their path.
They noticed other people walking up towards the light, and then they heard something no soul ever wants to hear. The people were screaming in agony. Toni turned to look in the direction of the light and saw the people literally melting in place.
            “ What the hell? Did you see that crap? Do you hear them? What the hell is going on?” Todd asked, as he pulled Toni off the road.
Toni looked on in shock. It was horrible the people melted. As she looked back in the direction they of the house she noticed another light right by the entrance of the door. She rubbed her eyes, and looked around in disbelief, there were cylinder lights placed at the entrances of every house that had lights on. Slowly she thought back to the voice. It was warning her to hide.
            “We have to get off this street and find shelter. It can’t have any lights.” Toni said, as she started to run down the road.
As they ran they noticed the area was started to gain more light. It was like the more light the neighborhood gained, the more screams they heard. Toni was too afraid to look back, all she could think about was the sound of the voice telling her to run and hide.
Finally they came to a small building. It looked like a small storage house, but it was better than nothing. As soon as they broke the lock off the door they noticed that the light was starting to grow. Quickly they rushed into the small building and locked the door from within.
            “What’s going on out there?” Todd asked , as he tried to calm his shaking hands.
            “I don’t know.” Toni answered.                                                
            “We should try to get home Toni and warn our parents.” Todd said, as he stood up to reach the door handle.
            “I’m not going anywhere. If you go out there that light is going to burn you up.” Toni said, as she held her head down.
            “I can’t just stay here,  how do we know it won’t cover our only way out from this building? Todd countered.
            “A voice came to me and told me to come here. It told me to find somewhere dark and hide.” Toni said, as she watched Todd shake his head in disbelief.
            “Whatever, I’m leaving. I don’t have time to think about imaginary voices. Whatever is out there is real, and you are having a break down. I will tell your parents where you are.” Todd said, as he slammed to door behind him.
Toni didn’t move she continued rocking herself as if she were a baby. Maybe he was right she thought as she stopped rocking and stood up . She hated being so scary, but how could she tell if it was a good scary or a bad one she asked herself. As she reached for the door she noticed a hand tap on the back of her shoulder. In a new found state of fear she froze once more. She couldn’t bring herself to turn around, so she stood there with her hand still on the door. Suddenly she noticed a long white hand reaching for her fingers.
            “You can’t go out. They are waiting for people to go out so they can siphon their life force.” The strange voice said.
Toni turned around and noticed that the face looking back at her was that of something from another world. The creature was about her height with large eyes, and a large nose. Her skin was white with blue rings around her forehead. Her nose wasn’t the same color as the rest of her face, it was a darker shade. As she looked at her head she noticed that the creature had small horns lining the top of her head like a crown. Her hair was pulled back exposing her large ears and something that looked like a small antenna that hung below her earlobes seemed to be sticking out.  
            “What are you?” Toni asked.
            “I’m Norrie. We have been trying to reach out to you people all month. We have sent you so many messages trying to warn you of their arrival. Nobody would listen. Only a handful of you did what we said tonight. More than likely that handful will be the ones to live on.” Norrie stated as she walked back towards the darkened corner of the small building.
            “What’s going on, and who are they?” Toni asked as she too retreated to the dark.
            “They are called The Lingering. They have done this so many times, and it destroys worlds. This will last until your next full moon. It’s something about the light of the moon that makes them leave. They will cover ever house and kill everyone who tries to exit with their heat rays. The only hope your people have is to stay indoors and let them think they have killed off all life force. They never descend, so nobody knows what they look like. We only know that they come and kill everything and everyone.” Norrie stated, as she held out a small vine to Toni. “You have to eat something, hunger will be the doom for many of these poor souls. When hunger takes over the mind it can kill any protective guards such as fear.”
            “What about my parents? I can’t let them die. I have sisters, and a brother.” Toni cried, as she walked back near the door.
            “ I can help you save your family, however it comes with a price. If I help you; you must help me in fighting The Lingering.” Norrie said, as she looked towards Toni.
Toni looked at the alien, and then she thought about her parents and the other people she saw. She couldn’t let them die. She closed her eyes and thought about her mother and her father once more. She would give anything to see them again, even if it meant helping someone she didn’t know.
            “ What do you want me to do?” Toni asked.
            “ For starters you have to swear allegiance to the Viderian Cause. Everything that you say to me will be transmitted back to my planet, and it will be binding. Once we make sure your parents are safe we have to reach out to others on this planet .” Norrie said, as she looked for a reaction.
            “ I would do anything for these people.” Toni stated, as she walked over towards Norrie.
            “ It doesn’t stop there. After everything is all said and done, you will have to return with me to Viderian, and enlist with our guard for a few years.” Norrie said, as she watched Toni freeze for the third time tonight.
            “ What do you mean go to Viderian, and serve in your Guard? I thought you said help earth.” Toni said, as she looked at the alien in question.
            “ If you want me to save your parents, that is the price. It’s up to you.” Norrie replied.

Okay I added more to chapter one...what do you think?

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