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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

House Republicans Cut Food Assistance For Low-Income Families While Protecting Azaleas

This is harsh, but it has to be done. I'm going to an interview soon, and it isn't for a job that pays 20 bucks an hour. It's for a job that will help put extra food on the table, and buy my children school clothes come August. I know that a lot of jobs are gone, but there are lesser paying jobs out there that can help pay for food, and any extras that your family might need. I understand the reasoning behind this idea. However, I don't understand the reason behind putting money into a flower. That has to be crazy as heck. That money could have went into the food program to help battle some of the pain that will be felt.

As far as the wolves go. I understand that more than anyone. One of my dogs was killed by a pack of wolves. They keep coming near my father's house. My other dog hears them all the time , and she runs after them. So, I hope they get rid of the wolf problem soon before they kill my Zoey. It has become a real big problem for people who stay in the country. So thank you for that.

As for anything else...pla­nt veggie gardens, and get fishing license. I had to do it too. It helped out with some of the food cost, and it's healthy.
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