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Friday, June 24, 2011

Are our minds still stuck in the Civil War era?

Can you tell me what caused the Civil War? Some of you might know the answer, and some of you might think you know the answer. The Civil War was about economics. The South and their exploitation of the slaves helped to guarantee their financial stability. Quite frankly as long as they had land, they could move more workers on the land to work it. This is how they used the slaves to take over the position of the poor white worker. They used people like pieces on a chess board. If I move my pawns up two levels I should be able to take Kansas and make the land my to say. A lot of people, say we went to war because of the slaves, but no in fact we went to war because the rich wanted to take over the land from the poor. So are you like the slave master, or the wigg from the north? If you believe it's okay to take away from the poor, and give to the rich...guess what you are a lot like the slaver masters from the Civil War era. When people first came to America they thought that it would be a chance to do well and rise above their stations. However that isn't always the case. In fact, I feel like I have been silent too long.

Back in the days of Slavery the slave masters would keep the slaves drunk with spirits on their off day. They didn't want them to think or understand anything other than what they told them. You are the modern day slaves. You work from sun up to sun down to support your family, only to find out that you don't have enough food to put on the table come 6 o'clock. Some of you wear the same shirt two times a week, and skip on bills to pay other bills because what you have isn't enough. You have the right to understand what it means to stand up for something that you believe in. You also have a right to write congress and tell them your thoughts. In this day and time people refusing to come back to the drawing board because of tax increases which they can afford is down right wrong. There are so many families in the United States that are hurting. They need help, but some of our leaders would want us to believe that it's better to cut things that can be used instead of taxing people to help meet the cost. It's okay to overload school rooms so our children can't learn, and lay off countless teachers. It's okay because they can't feel it. I beg of you to stop voting for people because you want to identify with a particular party. Understand this...if you get nothing else. You can't change politics unless you rethink your perceptions. Vote for someone who wants the best for this country, not for someone who is willing to bury the poor to keep the rich. Unlock your mind, and look at this...for what it is.

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