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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tough Love: Things No One Is Brave Enough to Tell Self-Published Authors - <i>Part 3</i>

I work my butt off, and I never thought it would be easy. I market five hours a day. I have my blog http://sb-­newauthors­.blogspot.­com/ which I created a twitter acct for just so I could be a little more profession­al. The twitter tag is ArtsBlogKe­eper1. I don't think any SP author comes into this thinking it's going to be easy. However, SP authors don't come into it thinking that there will be so many snobs wanting to see other authors do poorly. The biggest problem that a SP author has is trying to overcome stereotype­s. I have read post about Self Published authors and their work being nothing more than crap. Yet I have seen some good books out there.
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