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Sunday, May 29, 2011

When new brings out the worse in us........

This morning I woke up to a nasty post about race on yahoo. I don’t understand why they would write about it. Sometimes the news helps to incite racism. I’m sure they didn’t mean to do. It is harmful. The readers are saying all sorts of nasty things. You know the truth is…we all have our so called types. However, I can state my type without making others feel less important. At the end of the day our opinions are ours. First of all you can’t tell me that this was a real scientific study. What I find horrid is the racism in the post that are being posted.. When I see post calling black people monkeys and stuff it makes me really upset. We need to get smarter when it comes to race. We were all placed on this earth for a reason. I don’t see the need to live with hate for any race. When will people wake up? If you are new to this blog and you would like to know what I feel so strongly about race check out my topic, an you will learn the reason. “An interesting conversation on race”

I could really go for some chocolate milk now...nice and creamy!! Hope that doesn't make me bias!!!!!!!!

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