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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are you about yourself or the world?

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost for you to change the world? I mean you could pay to send a poor child to school, or give to your local charity. What if you could change the world starting now by just saying something nice? Would you? Would you care? I think we have turned into a society that lives by the code “thick skin” because when things happen we often bring out the suck it up phrase. With all my problems growing up, my parents still made sure we understood the importance of helping. Perhaps, that was their greatest gift.
Sometimes it’s okay to be human. Emotions aren’t a bad thing. It’s normal to feel! I would venture to say it’s somewhat abnormal to push everything down as if it didn’t matter at all. I would rather be my emotional self, than live the life of someone who is cut off from their feelings. Sure if I wasn’t so moody I might have friends, or not cringe at the idea of being in groups. Yet, I want to feel everything. I want to feel sad, happy, fearful, hopeful, amazement, love , and excitement. I want to feel alive. Helping people helps me feel hopeful, happy, needed, and it makes me think about my reason on earth. Why am I here?
We started helping the homeless out in Savannah, GA. I recall the first time I saw him. He was standing between the KFC, and the Krispy Crème donut shop. I got out of the car and walked over to him. I gave him breakfast. Most Saturday mornings he ate what we ate. One month we fell on hard times, and we couldn’t give to him. We didn’t go there at all that month. Looking back on things now, I wish we would have at least said something in that time. I wish we could have told him the reason why. After our month of hardship was over we went back, and he was gone. We never saw him again. Perhaps that is the reason we made sure we didn’t lose contact with Cowboy when we lived in El Paso. I didn’t always have money to give to him, but I always had a book or two. It sucks that he doesn’t know that his book friend now writes books of her own. I wonder if he would like my stories. He has great taste! Perhaps I should ask for a review! Meeting Cowboy changed my outlook on homeless people. He was smart, and he was into the same kind of things we were into. I noticed every time we saw him he would sat in the corner of the 7 11 and read. Books have a great way of making us forget about our problems. Perhaps they were his out.
So if all else fells and you can’t say anything nice..Give someone a book. Help them take feel better.

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