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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

When Fiction Becomes Real Life

About three years ago I wrote Blend in Harpy Hill. One of the main characters was a girl that got bullied. I knew there was a possibility that the situation I wrote about could happen, but I knew thought it would happen to us. Last year on the 4th my daughter was assaulted. She was beaten by a mob group. She tried to kill herself twice and ended up in a treatment facility. At that time she was only 12. She went through PTSD because of the events. She has been a little different since.

Yesterday, I attended a meeting at her school. It took everything inside of me to keep my cool while this every so nicely teacher ripped her character to shreds. According to her Ariana is making the whole class room crazy. Maybe she didn't say it in those words. Ariana still has a problem trusting children because it was children who attacked her. She is trying to fit in, but her awkwardness prevents this from happening. She had so so many negative things to say about her. She said she has ticked off everyone in the classroom. She said Ariana lied about the children doing things to her. Yet, I found out of the children involved in the attack approached another teacher about my child. She was the only teacher to stand up for my daughter in the meeting of six educators. I thought it was sad that my daughter was labeled this horrible liar when she has been the victim nearly all year, I can't tell you how many times she has cried after school this year. I dropped her off twice and she cried both times. Yet, it is all in her head. She is the one instigating all the drama, so they say.

Too bad they didn't know Ariana was attacked by almost a dozen girls. I politely told them Ariana has three things she has to deal with. She is dealing with her ADHD/ADD/ODD and still recovering from PTSD. I thought her new teachers knew about her situation and her background. We have been to meetings prior to yesterday. The prior meetings were talking about how good she was doing with her grades. I am glad she didn't come with me to the meeting because her heart would have been ripped out once again. Perhaps educators should get to know the kid and learn about disorders before they label, but what do I know! I only work with people recovering from disorders because of trauma.

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