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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hertha's Character

I don't think she sounds right, so I am working on her personality. I don't want her to be so girly. I might give Erica a larger part and not bring in Phobos until later.

“It’s time to wake up. We have a lot to do. You’re going to be late. WAKE UP!” Hertha grabbed her neck and looked around the darkened room. Nobody was moving. Their bodies remained motionless as a cold air entered the room. “Odd dream.”
“What are you talking about? Go back to sleep. We have a lot to do today, and I want just a bit more sleep, Hertha.”
 “Nei, I can’t sleep not now. I saw something in my dream. I was floating above my body and I was yelling at myself. Only, I didn’t look like myself, I looked different. I sounded different too.”
“Holy Ragnarok! Who cares what you dreamed, gurl? Go back to bed.” snorted Erica.
“Do you think gurls will be included in the Ranarok?”
 “Hell yeah, we will.”
“Good because I think I’m supposed to do something really important.”
“Well, I’m not sure about the important part, but we will all do something. After all the Ragnarok is for warriors who are called by Odin and only he can decide whom he sees fit and he claims lads and gurls.”
“Agreed, we will all have a place in saving our people’s future. My slenderness makes me quicker than most. My visions are something that oracles would die for.”
“Not the visions again.”
        “Yes, I had another one last night. I saw a man in my dream holding a white dress.”
Erica blew a small red hair out of her face. “Might as well get up, I guess.”
“Well, wake me up in a little while, I’m going to see if I have get some sleep.”
“The hell you are! Get your stuff and let’s go grab some food.”
The sun was nearly all the way up in the morning sky. A light glaze of frost was covering the ground. “It’s so pretty here. I will miss the mountains, streams, lakes and even the snow,” declared Hertha. She bent down and pulled up a small twig and stuck it behind her ear.
        “It’s about time you do something with your hair. I’m not sure the twig will help. Maybe if you braid it or something. You hair is too hard and wild,” said Erica. “We should split up, I’ll go this way. You go down by the mountain.”
Before Hertha could make her way down the path a rush of wind came her way once more. 
“Go to the river,” whispered a voice from the wind.
Hertha turned around and looked for the owner of the voice. “Who’s there? Say it again.”
 “Go to the river, and stick your hand in the icy waters until your fingers start to burn,” demanded the voice.

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