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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Trying to Merge Greek, Norse and Slavic Gods. Viking Story

Chapter two

For two days Hertha wondered around in silence, eating on figs and other small things. Finally on the third day after the sun was drifting downward into the sky, she came to a small village positioned in the back of a large valley. Two thin blonde headed children were playing near their house. A tall lady stood near the door smiling as her children played with rocks and swords.

                      “Duga, he’s got his systir by the neck.”

                      Hertha looked at the children and smiled. “Aww, come on sveinn. Your mum wants you to be kind.”

                      The lady smiled and motioned for Hertha.“Thank you! He fights with his sister all the time.

                      “We were all that way once. I’m Hertha.”

                      “Nice to me you, Hertha. I’m known as vǫlva.”


                      “Yes because I see things.”

                      “What did people call your before they called you witch?”

                      “They called me Miskunn.”

                      Hertha smiled once more. “I like Miskunn. I’ll call you Miskunn.”

                      “Do you want to hear something different?”

                      “I guess, I’ve got plenty of time. What do you have to tell me?’

                      Miskunn looked towards the woods. “I knew you were on your way to me. I saw it in a vision many nights ago. You are here because of the Gods. Only you can’t stay here long because the Gods know of you know and they are looking for you as we speak.”

                      Hertha looked around nervously. “What do you mean they are looking for me? They gave me the gift. I’m doing their will. Are they happy with me?”

                      Miskunn shook her head. “No, you’re the end of Thor and his lot. The Gods of another world have entered into your heart. I dreamt of this when I was a little lass. I told the elders that our Gods would be defeated by a woman and Gods from the South. ” insisted the woman.

                      “No, you misunderstand. I’m a Valkyrie. I honor Odin. I fight for our Gods. I’m here because of the great Thor. I’ve been given a great responsibility by the Gods.”

                      The vǫlva looked around and smiled. “By Thor, you say? Have you ever heard of Thor coming down to any of us? Does that sound like something he would do? What did your God look like? It does not matter anyway because they can change their shape and appearance.”

                      “I don’t understand.”

                      “You understand, but you do not want to understand. The only way you will live through this is if you move to another area completely. Your father is not Norse. The other gods know.

                      Hertha grabbed placed her long pale fingers in her reddish blond hair and pulled tightly. “You’re wrong. This isn’t right. You aren’t a good witch. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

                      Miskunn started laughing. “Your mother was not protected by our Gods. She was raped by the Southern Gods. When she was in the woods one great day, your father came to her as a slave with his master. He willed the master to disgrace your mother by allowing him to have her. You are not like us and that is why you have always been an outcast.

                      Hertha shook her head once more. “You’re wrong. I’m not the daughter of a God. I’m Thor’s…”

                      “Thor’s what? You are Thor’s mindless lot? Thor’s mindless lackey? Maybe his sackless slave, with but one reason to live and die?”

                      “I’m Norse.”

                      “You, are a demigod. How many of those are around here? You’re special, and the Gods are trying to erase you before the others know about it. They want the Ragnarok because when you all die they gain your spirits and become more powerful than ever before. They will descend and live as immortals on these very plains that we call home.

                      “They have their own home, Valhalla is their home.”

                      “Valhalla is destined to fade away.”

                      “I don’t believe you.”

                      “You do not need to believe me. Just think about it.”

                      “What am I going to do?”

                      “You need to get away from here and don’t resurrect anyone else. Your resurrection sent a beam to Odin and Thor. While our Gods are merciful, they are not going to allow a demigod the chance to uproot our ways.”

                      “Maybe I can talk to them and help them to understand.”

                      Miskunn frowned. “Nei, it will not help. There is a way for you to get away from here, but it is very dangerous. We are part of three sister lands connected to one giant mass of land. The land is to the east of us. Our Gods will not pursue you when you get to this new land, but I’m afraid getting there will be most difficult.”

                      “I can’t go away from my family. I don’t know any new lands.”

                      “You sackless girl, if you do not do this, you will die. Do you want to die?”

                      Hertha shook her head. “Nei, but I don’t have anything.”

                      Miskunn walked inside her house and pulled out a large light colored satchel wrapped in fur. “I made this for you many years ago when I saw the first vision. The travels will be hard on you, but Gods are with you. When you are no longer in Viking land, whisper the name Perun. He might be in a good mood if he is, then you might be able to ride a thunderbolt to a city of no Gods.”

                      “Who is Perun? He is a Thunder god of another land.”

                      “Why would he want to help me?”

                      “You are a demigod. Do not under estimate the friends and foes you will now encounter because of your birth father. Head east always east until you find a large mountain range that leads to the south.”






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