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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Chapter Two

I'm at work on my lunch break working on the second chapter.
The Borderline




        In the middle of a small village, positioned by the sea lived a set of unique twins. The twins came from a long line of magic users and soothsayers. It was said, they were under the direct protection of the Slavic Gods. The twins were sister and brother. The female had blue eyes and short blond hair reaching beneath her ears. The brother had long black hair with green almond shaped eyes. It was rumored by the villagers that the twins were touched separately while they were both in the womb of their dying mother. It was said that the Gods argued over the twins and who had rights, but the God of Thunder came in and overruled the lower beings. He moved the children to the small village and frequently visited them until they were adults.

“Miloslava, come look at this,” insisted Miloslav as he held his stick above the water.

 “I don’t have time. We have to get back before the sun goes down.”

Miloslav looked in the water once more. “The sun can wait. I think you need to see this.”

“You act as if we have never seen water before,” moaned Miloslava. Within minutes she was standing on the bank looking into a small stream with eyes looking back at her. “Get her out of there. Hand me a stick.”

Miloslav ran to a row nearby trees. Finally he was able to see a small branch hanging near the ground. Before he could grab it, a firm grasp yanked him backwards.”

“There’s no need for that. She’s not dying.”

“It’s a gamayun,” whispered Miloslava.

The gamayun scooted its birdlike body all the way to the end of the branch and looked in the water. “Why didn’t anyone tell me my hair looked so horrible?”

Both Miloslav and Miloslava stepped back and shut their eyes. When they opened them again the bird creature stood before them with flowing hair and beautiful golden feathers.

 “You can close your eyes over and over and I will still be here. At least I am direct unlike Kupala who hides in the bottom of them stream.”

Kupala rose to the top and jumped out of the water. “I needed to see your reactions.”

“Our reactions,” repeated Miloslav.

“Your reactions. We need you to help guide a demigod to safety. She is of our kind, but she is the offspring of Zeus by way of Ares. We can’t allow the Greeks to take over our world. They will and must remain silenced at all cost.”

“What can we do?” Miloslava asked.

“You will lead her away from the eyes of Ares.”

“Who is Ares?”

Kupala looked at Miloslava. “Area is the God of War. He is like Thor in many ways, at least I think he is. We’ve known about their plot for years. However, we didn’t know how they planned to go about it. They were seem walking our lands some years ago.”


                      Miloslav tied his long blonde hair in a neatly positioned ponytail. “I’m still not understanding how we are supposed to aide you in the adventure.”


                      “All you have to do is say yes, and I’ll take you to meet her,” insisted the gamayun.





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