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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Update on Ariana

For those of you who have followed the story on Ariana, I just want you to know today she turns 13. We have had a bumpy road, but she has come a long way. We ended up going to the same middle school that housed some of her attackers. I want to take her out but I can't do it because our jobs are too far away for the move to work. I don't understand why the school will not foot transportation. If you are new to the story, I will give you a quick run down on what happened. Last April Ariana was attacked by a mob of girls. She was kicked, hit, and thrown to the ground. We ended up getting a police report but it was only going to be against one of the attackers.

The really messed up part is that those kids were able to go to sleep nightmare free. Ariana had months worth of nightmares and other issues that came with PTSD. I want to move us away from here, but right not we just can't afford it.

This was her medical report.

Sadly the school can't work with us on moving her into another middle school. I guess it really doesn't matter about her attackers going to that school. I guess it really does not matter that four teachers were on the field when my daughter was attacked. They have rules and the rules do not include helping to bus her to another school because their staff members failed to do their jobs on that one day. This is her today.
At the cave with us.

At home!

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