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Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm Ready

I am a little confused. Maybe confused is a little too strong, but I am kind of confused. I posted the first part of the book I am working on. Now here is the flip side, I have been researching Norse mythology. I would really like to write a book about something in Norse mythology. I have been working on something, and my heart is leaning towards the Norse story.

           “Hertha, you are needed for the great Ragnarok, go now.” Hertha grabbed her torch and flung it around. “Who’s there? Come out!”
            “Go back to sleep, Hertha. We have a few more hours before the sky brightens up,” moaned Erica as she pulled the thick elk’s skin over her shoulders.
            “Someone called out to me. I am needed for the Ragnarok.”
            “I’m sure you are hearing things, Hertha. What can a skinny girl like yourself do in the great battle? You are letting all of the elders get to you with their Odin talk.”
            “I know what I heard. I heard it in my own ear. I could feel his cold breath on my neck.”

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