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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why Obama Care?

This week I thought I had the health coverage issue solved and totally understood. I was under the impression that the marketplace meant nothing to the insured. I thought I had it solved until I went to the doctor today. I have been sick lately and I'm starting to have problems with my vision. With all the doctor calls going on today, I finally decided to do the right thing. I go to three different doctors for the same problem that should be covered in our insurance. I ended up paying for my treatment out of my pocket. I'm still trying figure out why I had to pay a 40 co-pay. My husband and I pay around 300 bucks for my health insurance. Until today I never thought about my coverage! I have a big issue with paying money every month, and finding out that they pay for so little. So right now I'm waiting online for the insurance marketplace. I want to get something for my hard earned money. Maybe that's what it's about. We want to be treated like we matter, and not treated like victims. I feel robbed.

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