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Monday, April 15, 2013

New Book

So, I haven't written anything in months. I haven't felt compelled enough to write! Last night I was talking to my husband and from out of nowhere, I was hit again. I don't mean hit as in physical. I mean the bug hit me once again. I felt compelled to write again. So, I will show you what I'm working on.

                                                         What If

             Jake wrapped his long tan fingers around the knot and pulled it one last time. With a silent sigh and a long glance towards the door, he placed the chair below the rope.  He tucked his dark blue shirt into his jeans and threw the rope over the beam.
 Elyse timed her arrival perfectly. Before Jake could finish the knot, she placed her shaky hands on the door knob. “Jake, I have something to show you.” Her hands were shaking uncontrollably as she looked around the room.
               Jake took the rope down and dropped it behind his bed. “What are you doing in my room?”
               Elyse looked at the rope, and looked at his neatly combed dark hair. “Are you planning on going out?”
               Jake shook his head. “Not really.”
               “Well get your booty in motion. Come on! I have something to show you,” squealed Elyse.
               “I’m not in the mood.”
               “Come on! I found something very interesting,” whined Elyse as she moved towards the rope.
               “Unless it’s a new family, I don’t think I want to hear about it.”
               Elyse paused and walked towards the window. “I’ll make a deal with you. If you still want to follow through with your plan, I will help you myself.”
               Jake rolled his eyes and grabbed his coat. “Well, we need to hurry up because I have plans.”
               After two hundred feet the two finally arrived at Elyse’s front door.  She turned the knob and whispered a silent prayer. After Jake walked into the front room, Elyse grabbed a long envelop from a nearby coffee table.  “Someone left this one my steps last night.”
               Jake rolled his eyes and turned around.  “I don’t have time for this.”
               “March 25th 2013,” whispered Elyse.
               “Yeah, that’s tomorrow. What’s so important about that?”
               “December 13th 2073,”replied Elyse.
               “Jake, just listen to me.”
               “Oh my goodness! This is so stupid. I’m busy.”
               “Just listen to me. This letter has five names. It has five names followed by five dates.  Each day has two paragraphs of events that follow the dates. The first date is your suicide date. This is what it says about you. Jake Bolilisa age 16, son of Mary and Todd Bolilisa. Two days after your death, Mary will overdose on heroin.  Jake Bolilisa will rob a bank two weeks from her death resulting in his death and five others.”
               “What? Give me that let me see it.”
               “No, just listen to me. The second date is the date that confuses me. You are much older, but the outcome is much better.  Jake Bolilisa beloved father and son to Mary and Todd Bolilisa.”
               “My parents hate me.”
               “No, I’m pretty sure they love you. It goes on to talk about a scholarship fund set aside for children from the Truth Industry which you pioneered. It talks about thousands of children gaining insight and comfort from your teachings.”
               “Yeah right,” murmured Jake. “Let me see it.”
               Elyse looked at the letter and slowly put it in Jake’s hand. “There are other names, and towns that they live in.”
               “How did you get this?”
               “It was on my step. I don’t know who left it.”
               “Do you think it’s real?”
               “Elyse looked at the sofa and frowned. “I don’t know.”
               “We should check it out.”
               “Do you have School Connect? Most of the schools link up on School Connect. They use the yearbook photos as profile pictures to gain knowledge on other institutions. If you have a computer we can see if we can link up with any of the other four people.”
               Elyse walked into the kitchen and pulled a small notebook from the draw. “ Do you believe me?”
               “I don’t know yet.”


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