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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Drums Please

 I have a few things to tell you. The Reversal of Time is now called The Last Love Story (The Reversal of Time Series) and it's free until the 24th. I'm so glad, I finished the book before the fall TV shows start. This has been a hard process. There have been many late nights, and tears put into this book. At times I wanted to give up and run across the street yelling at the world. I had an editor working with me on this book. HAHA I know I bet your eyes are big. I've learned so much about writing because of her. I've already started working on book two. It isn't about Lorna and David. It's about another character that I introduced in the book. She is introduced in the 11th or 12th chapter. So, I leave you with that hint. Have a great day. Don't forget the book is free this week only.

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