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Monday, September 5, 2011

Well that's it!

Now that I'm finished with The Alien Recruitment I'm going to focus on my kids and my family more. I had a great time writing the book. It's kinda sad knowing that I won't have anything to write about anytime soon. Anyway if you want to see the cover and how it all ended..Follow the link below. If you learn anything from me at all...let it be this. I don't care what race,religion, sex, or status you come from at the end of the day we all have minds. Please don't hurt each other with horrid words. No matter where we live in this world we all want to be treated with respect, and we all want to be loved. So, it has been nice, and I have loved every moment of this...Good Night.

 If you are in the UK The Alien Recruitment

The Alien Recruitment

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