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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Take the time to get to know your local authors and artist.

You never know where you’re going to find inspiration. You could find it in the middle of the super market or you could find it on a bus. You have something in common with those of us that write, paint, sing, or dance. You’re never too old to find a hobby, and with technology today…you are never too poor. Perhaps that is the one of the best things that self publishing offers. Before the dawn of the NOOK, or Kindle aspiring authors had to do one of two things. They would have to send out many query letters to agents, and publishers hoping for a reply. Some were blessed enough to make it while others gave up because of  manuscripts that would return untouched or simply with a note stating not interested. How many potential great authors were turned away? We will never know! However, self publishing has opened the doors for great writers to be found. It no longer ends with a simple rejection note. Now authors have a chance to be heard more than ever. So, toast to the idea of an open door. You no longer have to be rich, or have connections. With the invention of the e-book self publishing era everyone has a chance to now live their dreams to the fullest. If your work is good, and readers enjoy it…your words will live on. So, no more excuses as to why your book is unwritten. Good luck and go write your Pulitzer!
Authors of the day….

The Color of Music by Claire P. Gordon

This book deals with situations that arise after Bi-racial twins are separated at birth. The twins will find out how their lives are different due to their different racial upbringings. One sibling is raised white, while the other sibling is raised amongst the black culture. This book is getting great reviews, and it can be found on Amazon.

The Human Cure by Tracy Auerbach Release Date Pending September 15, 2011.

Upcoming Author Tracy Auerbach will soon be releasing her YA novel “ The Human Cure” which will be available September 15, 2011.The novel is about a girl named  Kate Plesser, who is leading a dead-end life as an office assistant with a penchant for bad relationships. She is lost. When Kate is kidnapped by Hunter, a gorgeous stranger, she assumes that he is just some sick psychopath. She never suspects that he is actually a vampire, and that she is about to be plunged into a world stranger than her wildest dreams. In the underground city where Hunter lives, she encounters his otherworldly cousin Chase, who holds the key to her freedom. She is thrust into a village where humans are farmed for feeding and breeding. In this mysterious new world beneath Queens, New York, Kate eventually finds something she never expected; her own purpose.

From Barren Rocks to Living Stones  by Jon Magee

“The book is set in Aden (Yemen) during the conflict and terrorism of the 1960's and the British evacuation from there in 1967. It is the true story of a British teenager caught in the midst of the conflict, and looks at how he comes to terms with the reality of such a life style. From Scotland to East Anglia and internationally in Australia and America all ages are riveted by this story. The unique style of using the journey back to England as a frame to tell the deeper story is proving to be a great enticement to those of East Anglia as their acts of kindness are revealed. Helen Eadie, Member of the Scottish Parliament, writes in the forward "Jon . . . provides insight into a way of life that is beyond most of our experiences" "From barren rocks . . . to living stones" is an incident packed memoir that covers eighteen months in the teenage life of the author in the nineteen sixties. It is seen originally from a young person's perspective; and, as the writer matures and shares his experiences, in turn the reader gains from his reflections on the people and the places, beginning in Colonial era Aden, where he has lived. The book is a meditative postscript to the twentieth century bringing some perceptive insights. The story reveals a life that swings from the sadness to the times of joy, times of humor and times of thoughtfulness, times of tragedy and times of tenderness. "

Paradise Island, Heavenly Journey John Magee

“Dr. Kate Hartig writes "In his recently published first book From Barren Rocks to Living Stones Jon Magee recounts his teenage years living in Aden, Yemen, during the mid 1960s. In Paradise Island Jon travels back to an earlier period of his childhood. He reflects on his life as a young boy living with his family in Singapore during the 1950's. He discusses the trials and joy of British military family life living in what was once part of the British Empire. But like Jon's memoirs of Aden, the 1950s in Singapore was also a period of considerable change as Britain was forced to accept the ending of its colonial powers in far away 'exotic' places. But for Jon, it was an ideal childhood full of adventure and new experiences, from new foods to strange plants and significantly new friends that cut across cultural barriers. Today, Singapore presents itself as a modern, bustling cosmopolitan city. With the kampongs (villages) and jungle areas now replaced by high- rise residential apartments and manicured parklands the perception of Singapore as a "paradise island" is possibly difficult to comprehend. But Jon's memories brings back an earlier time when life was perhaps not so much simpler but different. So different that it was life changing. This story is set within the context of many journeys, Jon's journey through early childhood, the family's journeys between Singapore and Britain and most significantly his parents' profound spiritual journey back to their savior and God." Dr Kate Hartig (PhD) Jon Magee continues to reveal the wealth of storytelling that is based upon life experiences within the world.

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