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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Night Story.

The House in the middle of the Lake
Once there was a small brown house that sat in the middle of a large lake. The lake was so large and far away that it made the little house look almost like a miniature game piece. Sara and her brother York always questioned their parents about the house, and it’s odd location.
               “ Mom, why is the house so far? How did the builders get the wood from here to there?” He would question as his mother rolled her eyes to the sky.
               “ York, we go over this every night. The answer never changes. We don’t know anything about the house or how it got there.” Stated the mother as she pushed the pillows behind her aching back.
York knew enough to let the story drop because he could tell his mother was starting to grow agitated. The next morning a violent storm started to pound the earth. The rain continued for hours. The children had never seen such a storm, yet their mother remained calm.
               “ Mom , are you scared? Why is it storming so bad” York asked.
               “ I don’t know. You ask too many questions. Now get up stairs and get to sleep and in the morning it will all be over.” Said the mom as she walked into the front room and slumped down into her favorite chair.
As York reluctantly climbed the stairs he noticed the water was rising all around his home. Perhaps it would come into the house he thought as he stood motionless. Finally Sara edged up the stairs. She couldn’t help but notice her brother’s watchful eye. She looked at him and then she glanced back at the window and smiled as if she knew his inner thoughts.
               “ Stop laughing at me.” York hissed.
               “ I’m not laughing at you, I think it’s kinda cute that you are all scared!” Sara exclaimed.
               “ Does this storm not bother you?” York asked as he followed his sister to her room.
               “ Of course it does, but mother isn’t worried. So, why should we?” Sara questioned as she pulled the covers back on her bed. “ Come on, you can sleep with me tonight.”
A few hours later Sara heard a crashing noise. Without thinking she jumped over her brother and ran across the room. With fear in her heart, she opened the door. It was too late. As she opened the door she noticed the water had reached the bottom of the stairs.
               “ Get up York, the house is flooded. We have to get out of here.” Sara yelled as she pulled her brother from the bed.
               “ We need to grab mom.” York cried as he ran into her room.
However, as he entered through the door he noticed the untouched bed. He ran to the upstairs bathroom, but still there was no sign of mother. What would they do he wondered as he bit down on the side of his hand.
               “ We have to get out of here.” Sara yelled as she ran to the window. “ Come on.”
As the two children quickly climbed onto the top of the house they noticed their mother’s car was gone. Both Sara and York looked on in disbelief. Their mother had snuck out of the house without a sound as they fell to sleep.
               “ She isn’t here.” Said Sara, as she looked at her brother.
               “ Are we going to die?” York asked?
               “ No of course not. We will be okay. I’m going to crawl back into my room and grab my long yellow floater. It’s folded up underneath my bed.” Sara said as she ducked her head back in the window.
Within a few minutes Sara had appeared with a yellow floater by her side. The water was now touching the top of the house. The more the rain continued to fall, the more the children started to worry.
               “ Can you help me blow this up York?” Sara questioned as she passed the floater to her brother.
Within minutes the floater was able to fit into the water. Slowly the children eased down into the cold water with the floater by their sides. By this time their only thought was to make it onto the float device and hang on. Sara held the device down while York climbed his way onto the top.
               “ Careful this is the tricky part. It might topple over once I get onto it.” Sara whispered as she slowly slid the top part of her body over the side of the float.
With caution in mind, Sara positioned herself next to her brother. Soon they were adrift. As the sky continued to fill up with lightning the children started to cry. The wind maneuvered their little float boat in the direction of the house that sat in the middle of the lake. The house continued to grow larger and larger until finally it was a full grown Victorian style home that stood before their eyes. As the floater inched closer to the house the water started to descend. The children jumped off the boat and stood in front of the massive house.
               “ What are we going to do now?” York asked.
               “ I’ll just let the air out of our float boat, and we will camp here for the night.” Sara said.
               “ It’s cold out here. Do you think we can take it in the house. Maybe someone will let us stay.”
               “ York I’m not sure about that. Look at it.” Sara said as she pointed near the dark shutters.
               “ Do you think mom will be mad when she figures out we ran away from home?” York asked as he pushed tears away from his cheeks.
               “ Of course not. I don’t think she will be mad. She is probably worried sick.” Sara answered.

So, this is only for you to enjoy...I'll work on it...I can't do anymore work because I'm tired. My sleep meds are taking over. Goodnight everyone. Can someone please review my books? Two are free on Smashwords...It sucks not have have any reviews at all...I'm not sure as to the meaning...

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