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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good news!!! At least I hope!

So, I don't know if you know about the discount program for Smashwords this month. However, I will tell you about it just in case you don't know. My books are free for the entire month of July on So, I will post the information that you need to get them for free. To tell the truth I'm getting a few new books myself on the program because I like to read. Other than that...I'm still working on my new book. I'm thinking about pulling The Torn Veil of Dashien to see if I can make it better. I'm always thinking of ways to make things better. I haven't heard from any of the jobs yet. They are still reviewing my resume, so maybe that is good news. I received an email from the Guardian today , but I can't take on that project because I just don't know enough about the subject at hand.

Well before I go to bed...let me leave you with the info for my books. I don't have an agent, so if you know anyone that might be compatible with me about it. Heart of the Curse The Vampire's Salvation

As always....keep me in your thoughts...and sleep well my friends..

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