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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Vampire's Salvation and the UK

So now here it is again that I'm ranked in the UK. My ranking is always better than my US ranking. I'm crying again!! I'm just so happy that you continue to support me when I'm clearly not having very much luck at home here in the US. You know it's funny ...when other black people like myself find out that I write about gypsies, vampires, and elves they think I'm crazy. Perhaps I would think I was crazy too if I weren't into that sort of thing. However I like what I like. Nobody gave me a licence to think of worlds that didn't match our color coded ideals. Writing gives us passes to everything and everywhere. It can bridge gaps in race, sexuality, religion if we only let it. For those of you who continue to read my blog, and buy my give me so much hope.

You give me hope that I can do this. Sometimes I'm scared, and I'm like maybe this is too big for me. However, I look at the numbers below and I think okay yeah it can happen. I have so many voices in my ear right now..Family telling me to get on the system because we are like many others in America struggling. Yet, I'm still looking for work, still writing, and still hoping. We move this weekend, and I think things will get better. I take a typing test on maybe I can get a job. I still haven't heard from the lady that I sent my resume to at the end of last week. With everything that's going's nice to see something good . Thank you...for helping me to believe .

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