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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Dear Hopeless One,

I want you to know in life we don't always get the hand we wish for. Sometimes we discover things a little too late, or we figure out that we can't do what we aimed to do. Life isn't always about what you make or how brilliant you can appear to be. Sometimes life is about learning how to persevere when everything around you looks bleak. If everything was simple, then we would learn anything. Perhaps that is the reason so many people live in vain. When you go to bed tonight don't think about everything you missed out on, or the job that should have been yours. I have learned that thinking about the past does nothing more than trap you into a crystal  hourglass. Don't think for one second I mean for you to give up...I mean for you to understand that sometimes everything we encounter in a lesson. I know it hurts at time, and sometimes you might feel all alone. However, understand this if you don't get anything else from my writings. You are not by yourself others feel your pain. Hold on to whom you are and lift your head without shame.


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