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Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is a sad day for the "Christians"....

Before you start laughing at people who thought today was the end of the world, please look at the larger problem. I know I’m not the ideal Christian. I’m a fantasy writer. I write about vampires, and elves. However, my books all have an underlining meaning! It’s about faith in doing the right thing, and believing in something that is bigger than you. The Vampire’s Salvation is about a child who was born to a female vampire because she never gave up on her faith. So with that said don’t judge me.

The first thing you should ask yourself when you go into any church is ; Is this God’s Word and can you use it in your life? If you research the church that you join, you will find out a lot of things ahead of time. I had a situation that started to seem just a little too strange for my family. I didn’t want to risk my children’s faith in God so I removed them from the situation. Anytime you do something other than the word or buy into preaching other than the word…you help others to lose faith. When I worked in Denton, TX I had the opportunity to meet an Atheist. I asked him why was he an Atheist and he went on to tell me that he did more than was in the Bible than so called Christians did. I went home and thought about. He was right. He talked about some of the conversations that he heard us engage in. (Us as in Christians not me in general) It really made me think about my day to day dealings with people and the things that come out of my mouth.
In order to be a Christian I feel that you have to first of all live as the Bible tells you. If you don’t I can’t judge you because I don’t want to be judged myself because we all have things we need to work on. What makes today sad is the fact that so many people were willing to put aside what the word said and turn toward the wayward predictions of a man. If you are that easily led astray what will happen when the real antichrist shows up?

I’m the last one to chastise anyone, but in this situation….You have got to read your Bible and listen to the word. You will not have an excuse, that my preacher led me in the wrong direction because you can read. Stop jumping on band wagons.

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