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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The rant...

I'm sorry I blew up. I let everything get to me. Everything is better now. It just sucks when you have to cash in your stocks,cd's and anything else that you have to help support you. I can't wait until after Alison starts school in August. It will be so great to go to work without having to fear for my child's health. Alison has always been small for her weight. We had all sorts of test done on her when Jon was in the Army, but she is okay. She's just small. However, anytime she doesn't eat, or gets sick and won't eat it becomes a big deal. When she gets sick it goes on for weeks. She is doing really good now, so it gives me hope for this fall. At one point she had really bad fainting spells, but she hasn’t had one in a year.

At first I thought it was because I was bothered with depression when I was pregnant with her. After I had her I nearly had a breakdown. My husband was in the military and when she was three months old he came home one day after a 24 hour duty. He was like I have to go away for a month, so it was very hard. It's funny when I see the news and everyone talking about how the Seals are the new sexy dream for some of these women. They have no idea how it feels to be married to someone in that arena. So, all I can say is knock yourself out, because for the other spouses that I knew back at ( base) it was hell. It was hell being told by your husband that he was called away on a mission and he would have to leave in 24 hours. I'm glad my husband wasn't a Seal.

Sadly the military wasn't just hard on the spouses, but it was hard on the children as well. I can't tell you how many little sad faces I met or tears I saw because of their parents being away. One night my husband and I were in Walmarts, and this child I knew from the center I worked at came up to me. He was in tears because his sitter wondered away from him and he didn't know what to do. I stayed with him while my husband found her. He told me his mom had just left for Iraq, and this woman was his sitter for the year. The next day I told my boss what I saw, and everyone seemed okay with it. Sure the lady was in the store, but she didn't care that he was upset. She seemed rather pissed about it and left him standing with me as she went to the check out. No matter what issues he had..he was dealing with the fact that his mother was gone. Another little child comes to mind as I sit here. She was an angel. I recall meeting her for the first time. Her mother was really late this one afternoon..I would soon find out she was often late. Anyways, I told her don't worry mommy or daddy will be here to get you soon. Then you told me " Mrs. Santiago, did they not tell you my daddy is dead. He was killed in Iraq last year." I felt like pure crap. To make matters worse we had a talent show and her mom didn't show up, and I was like I'm sure they will be here. Again I forgot that for her there wasn't a they. So, I ended up letting her rest her head on my legs while we looked at the show together.

At the end of the day, I guess I should be thankful. I should be happy that my husband and I are together with our children. I shouldn't let something as little as money drive me nuts when it will be ok. I have my family.

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