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Monday, May 23, 2011

Good morning..I had to revamp my synopsis!

I hope this morning is starting out well for all of you. I had to revamp my description for Luck of the Curse. After reading it, I felt like it really didn’t do the book justice. It didn’t give the readers a clear picture of what the book is about. The description is still reviewing for Amazon, but it’s set for Barnes and Noble. There are so many things that can hurt your chances for sales. I really don’t want the lack of a great description to be the reason people say no. I think I kinda forgot that the cover and the description need to coincide with each other. Ironically, this new eBook cover matches the book more than the last cover. So this is the old description or synopsis!

Amanda and Florica are two friends from similar backgrounds. After finding out that a friend has been cursed the girls must figure out the reason, and tackle unknowns on their own. The girls must trust in each other while they try to break a gypsy curse that was placed on a friend by a member of Florica’s family. Together they will learn the true meaning of family, and what a home really means.

This is the new description. I feel like the new one tells the reader more about the story. I hope you like it. You are more than welcomed to post comments on my blog. I love feedback!! .

Florica and Amanda are friends that met at a hotel that was used for the homeless. After nearly two years of living at the hotel Amanda’s parents receive a gift from a stranger, which gives them a place to stay in the country. After they move into the small house Amanda learns that she lives next door to the boy she had a major crush on. After Amanda is visited by her crush’s best friend a ghost named Craig; she and her friend Florica decide to investigate Ryan and his current mood swings. Amanda and Florica are stunned when they find out that a member of Florica’s family has placed a circle of sorrow curse on Ryan that can lead to his death, while reaching out to others. They must travel across the continent in search of Florica’s brother with the hopes of uniting the rouge member while shaking the stink of gypsy magic.

I like this one...I think it sounds fun and fresh. If I were a teen I would want to read it for sure. What do you think?

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